Garmin GPS 76CSX Handheld GPS with Barometric Altimeter and Electronic Compass

If You’re A Boater, This Is The GPS You Need!

Garmin GPS 76CSX Handheld GPS with Barometric Altimeter and Electronic Compass

The Garmin 76CSx GPS provides a complete car navigator feature, hiking GPS features, as well as a useful set of marine navigation features. Weighing in at 7.6 ounces, the compact 76CSx is a highly-accurate, high-sensitivity GPS receiver that is packed with great GPS mapping capabilities. Considered the mainstay among serious outdoor enthusiasts, this GPS will track your position in wooded areas, on water, or deep canyons.

You can use this very portable, easy to use Garmin in the mountains, while driving, or while sailing, even when sailing aboard other people’s boats. And with the downloaded ocean navigation program, loaded with features that both experienced and inexperienced mariners desire, it proves to be an invaluable tool.

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The 76CSx’s 2.6 inch screen is the best available for use in bright sunshine, with 256-color transreflective TFT display, to present mapping and trip information clearly and accurately in any lighting condition. Even in cloudy weather, the display is quite bright and readable without the backlight. The color units change to nighttime colors at sundown, if desired. Plus, there is a large numbers option for easy viewing, as well as a dual-position display mode.

The 76CSx comes with a 128 MB microSD card for storage of optional map detail. There’s also a preloaded marine point database.

For additional topographic maps, city streets, and nautical charts, the microSD card slot, located inside the waterproof battery compartment, can be used with preprogrammed microSD cards from Garmin, such as MapSource Topo and inland lake maps, BlueChart marine cartography, City Navigator street maps, and Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots. These are all sold separately.

The 76CSx incorporates an electronic compass that displays an accurate heading while standing still. It also includes a barometric altimeter that provides current elevation, ascent/descent rate, minimum/maximum elevation, total ascent and descent, and average and maximum ascent and descent rate.

With automatic routing, users can input the address or waypoint of a destination and the GPS 76CSx will compute a route and give turn-by-turn instructions while you’re driving, and an integrated trip computer provides odometer, stopped time, moving average, overall average, total time, max speed, and more.

Routes can also be generated manually by going to the route page and panning the pointer and setting a series of waypoints along your intended route. Another way routes can be generated is from within MapSource and uploaded to the unit.

Another key feature of the 76CSx is Tracklog, with a capacity of 10,000 trackpoints with 20 saved compressed tracks with 500 points each, all of which allow you to retrace your path in both directions.

If you intend to use a GPS over water, this would be the best option, because it is encased in a lightweight, rugged waterproof housing that floats if it falls into the water. It is water resistant to IEC 60529 IPX7 standards, which means that it can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes.

Some of the other features on the 76CSx include built-in celestial tables with a calendar showing good fishing and hunting times, plus a calculator, stopwatch, sun and moon calculations, battery save mode, an alarm clock, and even games!

You also get audible alarms for anchor drag, arrival, off-course, and proximity warning.

The 76CSx color unit also has the new USB capability for uploading large maps, making downloading information quick and easy.

Navigation instructions can be shared with repeaters, plotters, and autopilots using NMEA protocols through the dedicated serial port.

When using two AA alkaline batteries, you’ll get up to 20 hours of battery life from the unit. Pressing and holding the Page button on the 76CSx unit quickly activates or deactivates the electronic compass, allowing a conservation of battery power.

The Garmin 76CSx GPS is accurate, reliable and very easy to use.

If you like the features of the 76CSx but don’t need an electronic compass and a barometric altimeter, check out the Garmin GPSMap 76Cx Handheld GPS